Change Log


  • fix: error when IDE theme was disabled
  • fix: error with Delphi 10.2, 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 Tokyo
  • fix: convert to resource string ignored character map
  • fix: Unit Dependency Analyzer broke when it encountered DEFINE or UNDEFINE directives inside a uses clause
  • fix: clicking the ellipsis button inside a path list dialog opened the last path instead of the selected one
  • fix: Directives in class declaration are allowed now, although still not evaluated


  • Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio
  • Dropped support for Delphi versions below Delphi 10 Seattle (use V13.x for those)
  • Unit Dependency Analyzer is now dockable (so you can see immediately when you introduce cyclic dependencies)
  • New settings page Project Options (currently contains only the setting for Uses Clause Sorting). These settings are stored per project in a separate section of the dproj file.
  • Uses Clause Sorting accepts lists like (ToolsApi,DesignIntf) as one group. This only affects grouping, so the order inside this list is not relevant.
  • Uses Clause Sorting accepts wildcards like Rz* (for Raize Components) or Id* (for Indy) to better handle non-dotted unit names
  • New sorting options “group class members” – keeps the class methods together
  • fix: Wrong result when renaming parameter during Extract Method
  • fix: Add Local Variable now also works with For-In clause
  • fix: Hard coded string scan check for min length works correct now
  • fix: Paste Interface in empty class just works now
  • fix: Consolidated behavior of selected file in Open/Use Unit dialog
  • fix: Creational Wizard follows static/non-static when suggesting destructors


  • Reworked the setup to support admin and non-admin installation. (more details)


  • fixed DFM incompatibility with Delphi 7


  • fixed incompatibilities with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo pre Update 3


  • fixed error copying V12 user settings