Change Log


  • fix: missing registry entry for FontSize throws an exception
  • fix: Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and below use registry key ModernTheme instead of Theme
  • fix: Rearrange Members throws an exception in some cases


  • fix: MMX Forms now use IDE font
  • fix: No AutoSize for StandardToolbar when empty
  • fix: reduced flicker when moving mouse over Explorer Details list
  • fix: Editor dialogs accept Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-Shift-TAB again to cycle through tabs
  • fix: Fixed wrong Tab-Order in several places
  • fix: Group unit names in format uses failed with simple lists
  • fix: Graphical glitches with Comma List Editor dialog when resizing
  • feature: Use Unit omits current unit in list
  • feature: Adding current unit to uses is blocked


  • fix: disabled transfer of V14 settings until problem with MessageBox is found
  • fix: removed delay on drop down of type selector
  • fix: removed delay on Open Unit


  • fix: assertions were shown in release version
  • fix: drop down type lists were not sorted
  • fix: crash when installing a package
  • fix: units System, IdGlobal and IdThreadSafe crashed the parser (now they are mandatory excluded)
  • feature: Delphi 10.4 Sydney support


  • fix: Some debug assertions were enabled in the Release version
  • fix: Exceptions when closing Delphi IDE
  • fix: Documentation editor had wrong background on dark theme
  • fix: Selecting interface/implementation in Use Unit didn’t work
  • fix: Sometimes there was a delay when selecting a type


  • fix: Event editor had wrong tab caption
  • fix: First start asked to copy settings, but didn’t respond an more
  • fix: Explorer position was sometimes wrong on Delphi – sometimes Explorer was even stuck there
  • fix: Explorer uses current Delphi theme font as described in
    System Registry Keys for IDE Visual Settings
  • fix: Boolean values in XML files are written as True/False again
  • fix: spurious access violation
  • added: Format unit uses clauses handles conditionals (with some exceptions)
  • added: Surround with expands macro compilerversion to something like 33.0 Delphi 10.3 Rio depending on the current Delphi version.
    A useful surround template could be

    which in Delphi 10.3 Rio yields

    with the cursor placed right before the compare operator.


This version is a major overhaul of MMX Code Explorer. Besides proper IDE theme support, there are also complete new icons and a plethora of internal cleanup.

The setup now supports a proper per-user installation and also recommends it.

Although the focus was on optics and internal cleanup, there is a new Auto Format option in Uses Clause Sorting (under MMX Project options), which is triggered whenever MMX adds a new unit to the uses clause.


  • fix: error when IDE theme was disabled
  • fix: error with Delphi 10.2, 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 Tokyo
  • fix: convert to resource string ignored character map
  • fix: Unit Dependency Analyzer broke when it encountered DEFINE or UNDEFINE directives inside a uses clause
  • fix: clicking the ellipsis button inside a path list dialog opened the last path instead of the selected one
  • fix: Directives in class declaration are allowed now, although still not evaluated


  • Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio
  • Dropped support for Delphi versions below Delphi 10 Seattle (use V13.x for those)
  • Unit Dependency Analyzer is now dockable (so you can see immediately when you introduce cyclic dependencies)
  • New settings page Project Options (currently contains only the setting for Uses Clause Sorting). These settings are stored per project in a separate section of the dproj file.
  • Uses Clause Sorting accepts lists like (ToolsApi,DesignIntf) as one group. This only affects grouping, so the order inside this list is not relevant.
  • Uses Clause Sorting accepts wildcards like Rz* (for Raize Components) or Id* (for Indy) to better handle non-dotted unit names
  • New sorting options “group class members” – keeps the class methods together
  • fix: Wrong result when renaming parameter during Extract Method
  • fix: Add Local Variable now also works with For-In clause
  • fix: Hard coded string scan check for min length works correct now
  • fix: Paste Interface in empty class just works now
  • fix: Consolidated behavior of selected file in Open/Use Unit dialog
  • fix: Creational Wizard follows static/non-static when suggesting destructors


  • Reworked the setup to support admin and non-admin installation. (more details)