Change Log


  • Uses Clause Groups Default gets some decent initial settings when empty
  • Record operators support Initialize, Finalize and Assign
    (Note: Editing an Assign operator will give a warning about the attributed parameter. This will be taken care of in a future version)
  • Fix: parsing errors on certain initialization sections leading to navigation failure
  • Explorer tool tips got a bit annoying lately. Now the display logic takes care of that.
  • Tab order in Use Unit dialog was a bit off.
  • Docked MMX tab is a bit wider now
  • Setup overrides even newer versions of the DLLs allowing a simpler downgrade


  • Source Indexer used wrong font color in dark mode
  • Regression in Unit Dependency Analyzer
  • Fix missing wrap of info tip in Explorer details
  • Fix switching “Enable Keybindings” leads to access violation
  • Honor disabled key bindings
  • Accept anonymous methods in initialization and finalization section
  • Detect initialization and finalization section as navigation targets


  • option to disable the new conditional parsing
  • when MMX parses code it implicit defines MMX for use in IFxxx directives
  • conditions used by the MMX parser can be set in the MMX project options
  • code items from include files were shown in the current module breaking navigation
  • include now files appear in the module section and open on double-click
  • better performance when scanning loaded packages
  • new class constructor/destructor get no inherited anymore
  • class destructor has static binding instead of override
  • class constructor/destructor are initialized with strict private visibility
  • selecting a class constructor/destructor matches now the correct implementation


  • parser supports conditional defines
  • dialogs can be closed with <Ctrl>-<Enter>
  • String Conversion settings allow to select Local / Module Implementation
  • option to use a simple inherited, omitting the method name and parameters
  • persist Code Alignment settings between sessions
  • Uses Clause Grouping has a default for new projects
  • try-finally wizard works with inline var
  • local variables can alternatively be declared as inline var or inline const
  • Module String Wizard allows to filter by string content
  • fix: generic class parent was displayed wrong when defined in other unit
  • fix: Show Related Classes missed to find generic interfaces
  • fix: access violation when there is no active project
  • fix: intermittent access violation parsing code
  • fix: could not find generic parent type
  • fix: Resourcestring Wizard uses existing commented sections
  • fix: language combobox in Parsing options was empty
  • fix: several text cut-offs


  • Lattix export now includes not found modules
  • Significantly reduced delay on first display of editor view
  • Inline const are no longer seen as magic numbers
  • MMX doesn’t add an empty line after end. anymore
  • Default order for standard toolbar is now initialized correctly for fresh installations
  • Some wrong images were used in Delphi 11
  • In Unit Dependency Analyzer the unit list font was too small
  • Fragment of To-Do checkbox was visible in Extract Method
  • Missing indentation when extracted method was only one line


  • some users noticed an access violation during shutdown under specific conditions


  • Boolean expressions were sometimes falsely detected as generic types


  • problems with integration screen
  • the panel for MMX toolbars in editor window reappeared even when both toolbars were hidden
  • operator select button sometimes didn’t work
  • support for older Windows versions even if the IDE does not


  • explorer contents tree and members view react on cut, copy, paste again
  • initial form positions are now restored properly


  • support for Delphi 11 and High DPI
  • use Segoe UI 9 pt as default font
  • ESC in Contents and Details view focuses selected element in editor view
  • hide cursor link label in snippet editor for attribute snippets
  • restrict MultiFileWizard to pas and inc files
  • the string filter in the resource string wizard is initialized with GUID regex
  • filter ShowAllMembers works now
  • sometimes docked forms were not visible
  • enhanced splash screen info
  • faster load time
  • Apply Class Template submenu is now enabled
  • different captions for class template actions
  • renaming in list views and tree views now accept Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X
  • class helpers don’t support operators, so MMX doesn’t offer it anymore
  • Apply Default in customize toolbar now works
  • fixed spurious access violations with nil references
  • cleaner layout of group box visibility selector
  • Syntax Sensitive Wrapping disabled until a better approach is found.
  • when grouping units in uses clause the longest match is preferred