Change Log


  • Lattix export now includes not found modules
  • Significantly reduced delay on first display of editor view
  • Inline const are no longer seen as magic numbers
  • MMX doesn’t add an empty line after end. anymore
  • Default order for standard toolbar is now initialized correctly for fresh installations
  • Some wrong images were used in Delphi 11
  • In Unit Dependency Analyzer the unit list font was too small
  • Fragment of To-Do checkbox was visible in Extract Method
  • Missing indentation when extracted method was only one line


  • some users noticed an access violation during shutdown under specific conditions


  • Boolean expressions were sometimes falsely detected as generic types


  • problems with integration screen
  • the panel for MMX toolbars in editor window reappeared even when both toolbars were hidden
  • operator select button sometimes didn’t work
  • support for older Windows versions even if the IDE does not


  • explorer contents tree and members view react on cut, copy, paste again
  • initial form positions are now restored properly


  • support for Delphi 11 and High DPI
  • use Segoe UI 9 pt as default font
  • ESC in Contents and Details view focuses selected element in editor view
  • hide cursor link label in snippet editor for attribute snippets
  • restrict MultiFileWizard to pas and inc files
  • the string filter in the resource string wizard is initialized with GUID regex
  • filter ShowAllMembers works now
  • sometimes docked forms were not visible
  • enhanced splash screen info
  • faster load time
  • Apply Class Template submenu is now enabled
  • different captions for class template actions
  • renaming in list views and tree views now accept Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X
  • class helpers don’t support operators, so MMX doesn’t offer it anymore
  • Apply Default in customize toolbar now works
  • fixed spurious access violations with nil references
  • cleaner layout of group box visibility selector
  • Syntax Sensitive Wrapping disabled until a better approach is found.
  • when grouping units in uses clause the longest match is preferred


  • fix: off by one error in new syntax sensitive wrapping
  • fix: some glitches in High DPI mode of Structured Difference Viewer
  • Syntax sensitive wrapping can be turned off in Pascal Editing Options
  • UnitDependencies.exe is now High DPI aware


  • fix: UnitDependencies.exe didn’t start due to missing resource
  • Convert to const/resourcesstring keeps scope during the session
  • Units with trivial names (Unit1, Unit513) are not added to the Known Modules file
  • Convert Code to String splits strings into chunks of 255 characters max
  • Wrapping of method declarations keeps parameter declaration in the same line

The setup installs the (former separate) Structured Difference Viewer and registers it as an External Difference Viewer in the IDE.


  • fix: empty contents tree in MMX Explorer introduced in V15.0.35 (regression)


  • fix: MMX Explorer tree flickers when selection changes