MMX Needs New Icons – Are You Willing To Help?

I am pretty sure all of you already noticed: The current icons in MMX not only look a bit old, they also don’t look well on the Dark Theme. They are not alpha blended and are only available in 16 x 16 pixel size. This may become a problem when the IDE will support High DPI in the future.

Unfortunately the stock icons available in the market simply don’t fit the purpose of most of the individual icons needed, so custom designed icons seem to be mandatory. Well, I  for myself am much better at programming than at designing icons. As a consequence I commissioned a professional icon designer to create new icons matching the icon guide lines of the Delphi IDE whenever suitable. The icons will be alpha blended and are provided as PNG in different sizes as well as in SVG format to support higher resolutions when necessary.

You all know that I don’t make any money with MMX. Thus I am not able to cover the cost for this endeavor from my private pockets. At least not completely. Therefore I created a MoneyPool at PayPal to collect some donations from MMX users willing and able to spare some money for this special purpose.

In case you donate: Note that you won’t get anything for your money (aside a better looking MMX). You cannot expect your favorite feature to be prioritized or your personal bug be fixed any sooner. I promise to spend the money for this special purpose and I will close that MoneyPool when the amount needed is reached.

Also I am not looking at the hobby programmer or one man show using MMX (although even those donations are welcome – of course), but I guess there are a couple of companies making some profit out of their heavy use of MMX. Perhaps they can shell out a small amount to help here. In case you are a company willing to spend and have difficulties just giving away money with Paypal, please contact me. I am able to provide a solution for that.

I have been asked several times where people can donate to support the development of MMX. While I am still not planning to accept donations for the time I am going to invest in the development, donating for the icons is a good way to show your gratitude. If you are not a able or willing to donate – that’s OK. Anyway, please consider to spread the word about this.

Many thanks to all that already donated and those who are going to do so.

For those still looking for the link to the MoneyPool, here it is: