• fix: off by one error in new syntax sensitive wrapping
  • fix: some glitches in High DPI mode of Structured Difference Viewer
  • Syntax sensitive wrapping can be turned off in Pascal Editing Options
  • UnitDependencies.exe is now High DPI aware


  • fix: UnitDependencies.exe didn’t start due to missing resource
  • Convert to const/resourcesstring keeps scope during the session
  • Units with trivial names (Unit1, Unit513) are not added to the Known Modules file
  • Convert Code to String splits strings into chunks of 255 characters max
  • Wrapping of method declarations keeps parameter declaration in the same line

The setup installs the (former separate) Structured Difference Viewer and registers it as an External Difference Viewer in the IDE.


  • fix: content of name field in entity editors is (always) selected
  • fix: Units from current module are skipped when resolving unit aliases and expanding unit scope names
  • fix: swapped icons for up/down in Code Snippet Editor
  • fix: sporadic access violations (well, at least some of them)
  • enhancement: Implements list in Property Editor lists only interfaces the class supports
  • Live Doc editor ignores some non-changing keys before switching to edit mode

Attribute and Dialog presets, as well as Code Snippets and Surround Templates got some additions.


  • fix: class threadvar is supported now
  • fix: some texts were cut off in high DPI scenarios (if you find others, tell me)
  • fix: the class template sub menus in Explorer were empty
  • enhancement: opening the Use Unit/Open Unit dialog is faster now

The support for class threadvar unveiled a problem with the intrinsic sort order for fields inside a class. The previous order was const, var, class var. This had the drawback that fields added via the built-in IDE class completion sometimes were added to the class var section. Now the order is const, class var, class threadvar, var.


  • fix: sometimes a tabbed Explorer window was empty
  • fix: visibility of properties/methods incorrect after editing an interface one


  • updated VirtualTrees to a more recent version
  • setup includes map files
  • Member Search Bar had no Caption when customizing Member Filter Bar