Supported Syntax

Code Explorer for Delphi assumes .pas files to be Delphi Pascal syntax only.

Virtually all of standard Delphi Pascal syntax is supported.

Check the user manual for details on unsupported syntax. Most important exceptions are:

  • MMX supports parsing generic types if Delphi 2009 win32 (or newer) language mode is enabled.
  • indexer properties with duplicate names are not supporte2d. The importer will emit warnings.
  • Compiler directives including (designer) regions in the class interface and method declarations are not supported. The explorer emits warnings.
  • Using the identifier escape character has some restrictions.
  • Using the qualified names has some restrictions.
  • Pure assembly methods (starting the main method’s block with asm rather than begin) are not supported. Assembly inside a method is supported.
  • Property index specifiers cannot use expressions but must use a constant or numeric value.
  • Include files which for example contain part of a class interface or implementation are not supported.